Liveries - Doormen's Hats

Cooper Stevens manufacture hats for liveries of all styles.

All our hats are made by hand in our London workshop using the finest materials.

grey topper for hotel doormen
Grey Top Hat manufactured by Cooper Stevens

Our Doormen’s hats are manufactured using traditional methods. We have, however, introduced some modern materials to our process to enable us to make the hats both lighter and stronger.

Our Doormen’s range can be moulded to the exact head shape of the wearer to give the most comfortable possible fit. Alternatively the hats can be fitter with a padded inner band allowing a comfortable fit for different head shapes for a given size.

The hats are designed to be refurbished allowing them to be maintained in good condition for many years and thereby reducing the overall cost of providing livery for staff.

A full range of colours, styles and embellishments are available and we are happy and able to manufacture to existing house styles or design something entirely new for you.