Silk Top Hats

Traditional Balck Silk Top Hat

Cooper Stevens are one of the few remaining companies with the skill and equipment required to refurbish traditional black silk top hats.

We provide a service to companies selling top hats and to individual owners who wish to have their hats restored to the best possible condition.


Dents and creases removed, outer and inner bands replaced, damaged brim covering replaced, inner silk replaced. The only thing we cannot repair is the outer silk covering. With minor damage we are able to disguise it to a degree with special blackening preparations.

Cleaning and Polishing

For commercial clients who buy in hats in a variety of conditions we offer a speedy and economical refurbishment service. Restoring the hats to their optimum condition allows the best prices to be obtained and promotes customer satisfaction and, indeed, delight.

For individual clients, whether your hat has been stored in a dusty attic for a couple of generations or just returned from an eventful week at Ascot, cleaning and polishing will improve its appearance and render if ready for its next outing.


Often reshaping a hat to conform to the wearer's exact head shape will transform it from an uncomfortable burden to something which is a pleasure to put on.

With our special equipment we are able to offer a "while you wait" hat re-shaping service.